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Can I set different commission levels for my partners?
What will my partners see when they receive my rates?
How do I adjust the rates/ information inside a contract?
How do I add my rates? How can I send my rates?
Can I add bonus offers?
How can I use my rates from last year to create a new contract?
Can I add extras or packages?
What do the different contract statuses mean?
Can I add stay pay offers?
I received a contract request from my partner, but I cannot find it in my account?
Can I give allotments to my partners?
What is an allocation type? What does Freesale or On Request mean?
Can I add a blackout period?
How can I preview my rates before I send them?
Can I adjust the cancellation policy by season?
If I have a question about a contract, how can I ask my partners?
If my connection request hasn't been accepted, can I still issue my rates to my partners?
What is a Contract? How is a Contract defined?
If my partners aren't on TourConnect, can I still issue them my rates?
Get your TourConnect forwarding email address
What is a BSB number?
Where can I add my insurance information?
How can I view my templates?
Can I copy policies from a template?
How can I complete a template?
What is a blackout report?
How can I accept a contract?
I've received an updated contract, but how can I view the changes?
Can I update the property name on my contracts?
What is an allotment report?
How can I view my supplier's rates?
What is a progress report?
How can I access other supplier rates?
How can I locate a specific contract?
How can I add an extra pax rate?
Can I add a surcharge to my rates?
Can I adjust my policies over different seasons?
Can I load rates with a minimum night stay?
How can I update the dates for a contract where the rates have not changed?
How can view a side by side comparison?
How can I load Gross/ Retail/ Rack Rates?
Where do I add my star rating?
Can I load my nett rates into TourConnect?
How can I add rates for a new product?