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What do the different contract statuses mean?
What do the different contract statuses mean?
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The status of a contract can easily tell you what state a contract is in, and what actions are needed for that particular contract.

Explanation of Contract Statuses (Suppliers):

  • New Request - new contract requests for rates that was sent by a buyer

  • Viewed - the contract has been viewed (or downloaded) by the buyer

  • Accepted - the contract has been marked as accepted by the buyer

  • Loaded - the contract has been marked as loaded (into a booking system) by the buyer

  • Rejected - the contract has been rejected by the buyer for whatever reason

  • Sent - the contract has been sent to the buyer, but has not yet been viewed

  • In Edit - the contract draft is being edited, and the changes to the contract have not been sent to the buyer

Some buyers are using TourConnect to manage their rates and loading process, while other buyers are simply using TourConnect to receive their supplier rates. Because buyers have their own internal process for handling their rates, you do not need to be concerned if some of the contracts haven't been marked as "Accepted" or "Loaded." As long as your contracts have been "Viewed," that means that they've been looked at or downloaded by your partners.

For any contracts that are still marked as "Sent" it means that your buyers have not yet actioned or downloaded your rates. You can resend your rates or follow up with them as needed.

For more information about how to send a contract, or how to respond to a new contract request, click here.

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