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How can I use my rates from last year to create a new contract?
How can I use my rates from last year to create a new contract?
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You will be able to use the rates and information from any old template or contract and use them to create a new one for the current year by following the instructions below, or watching this video.

โ€‹From the Rates & Contracts > Rate Templates:

  1. Click on "Create Template Draft" and create a new template (with your new contracting period)

2. If you have loaded your rates and have completed a template previously, a prompt will appear to allow you to import all the data (rates, policies, extras etc.) into this new template. Just select the template that you'd like to import, and follow the steps.

Note, if this prompt doesn't appear, or if you want to overwrite any data of an existing template, Click on Edit Tools, then "Import Data from a template"

3. Once you've finished importing the data from a previous template, you will need to review the template and make any updates as necessary.ย 

You can click on "What's missing?" to review the information that needs to be added or updated.

To edit any sections of the contract, hover over the desired section, and click on the Edit button.

4. Click to FINALISE TEMPLATE when you're finished editing the template.

Now you're ready to send a contract!

Any questions? Contact our support team on 02 9188 1607 or

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