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How do I add my rates? How can I send my rates?
How do I add my rates? How can I send my rates?
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You will be able to add all of your rates and policies in a contract template. You will only need to add this information once, and can issue this template to any of your partners. Please note that before you're able to add your rates, you will need to complete your Profile.

How to add your rates:

From Rates & Contracts > Rate Templates:


2. Complete the required information in order to create a template (this page may vary for some users)

3. Complete the information in the contract template.

Note: If you've created multiple contract templates in the step above, you will need to click on your template to open it

On the left hand side, you will see each product or room type listed. Click on the product/ room type to add your rates, allocation, and other important information.

Above that, you will see "Policies & Notes", which contain your terms, policies, billing and insurance information.

You can click on "What's missing?" to review the information needed to complete the template.

4. Once you've added all the required information, your contract will be ready to be sent to your partners. Click "Finalise Template"

How to send your rates:

There are few ways that you will be able to send your rates (in the form of a contract) to your partners, which are listed below.

i. From the Rates & Contracts drop down menu:

1. Click on "Send Contracts"

2. Select the template that you'd like to send

3. Select your partners

4. Review your contract and message, and click SEND

ii. From the Rates & Contracts Template List:

iii. From the Rates & Contracts Contract List:

iv. From a finalised Template

TourConnect is also offering to load your rates for free. If you'd like to take us up on this offer, forward your rates and policies to All you'll need to do is review them once they're loaded and send them to your partners.

Any questions? Contact our support team on 02 9188 1607 or

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