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Can I adjust the cancellation policy by season?
Can I adjust the cancellation policy by season?
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The cancellation policy is entered in the Contract Details section which apply for your company (or property). This can be adjusted over specific seasons by following these steps:

1. Click on Rates & Contracts > Rate Templates

2. Click to open any template

3. Click on a product from the left hand side

4. Click on "Add product specific policy"

5. Select the type of policy you'd like to adjust

6. When asked if your Cancellation policy varies by season, select Yes

7. For each of your seasons, you will either need to select Yes (if you the cancellation policy is the same as the company policy in the Contract Details) or select No if you'd like to add a different policy over a specific season

Note: If you'd like to copy these policies into any of your other products or room types, you can click on Edit Tools in the upper right hand corner, then "Copy data from another product" and select "Product Policy"

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