TourConnect will send you an email notification whenever your supplier updates a contract.

To help you better understand what's been updated in a contract, we will also track the sections of the contract that have been updated, allow you to view the different contract versions, or view a side by side contract comparison*.

To view the contract changes:

1. Click on Rates & Contracts > Contract List

2. Click on a contract to open it

3. Click on the Activities Feed icon to view the history of the contract and changes

a. You can also click on "View all updates" to view the sections of the contract that have been updated

b. To view the previous version of the contract, you can click on the version number

c. You can also view a side by side contract comparison* by clicking on "View side by side comparison" from the Activities feed or by clicking on "Compare with"

*Note: The Contract Comparison Tool is a paid feature. You will only be able to view a side by side comparison if you are on our Connected or Unlimited Plans and have another contract to compare it with.

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