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How can I view my supplier's rates?
How can I view my supplier's rates?
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TourConnect gives you the ability to receive your supplier rates in standardised and complete format, that can even be automatically loaded into your booking system.

Once you receive your supplier's rates in TourConnect, there are two ways that you'll be able to view them: (1) from a system (or online) contract, or (2) through a printable PDF version.

To view the system (or online) contract:

1. Click on Rates & Contracts > Contract List

2. Hover over the contract that you'd like to open, and click on the supplier name to open the contract

3. View the product/ room rates by clicking on the product from the left hand side

4. View the Policies & Notes

To view a printable PDF contract:

1. From the Rates & Contracts > Contract List, click on the download icon beside the contract that you'd like to download

2. Or, from inside a contract, click on the Download icon

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