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Can I give allotments to my partners?
Can I give allotments to my partners?
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When creating a template, you will need to set the Allocation as either Freesale, On Request or Allotment. If you're using a template to issue rates to multiple partners, you will be able to adjust the Allocation for particular partners when sending a contract.

To give adjust the allocation for particular partners:

1. Click on Rates & Contracts > Send Contracts with Allocation

2. Select the template that you would like to issue

3. Select your partners

4. Click on partner that you'd like to give an allotment to

5. Assign an allotment by room

a. Select the rooms that you'd like to set an allotment for

b. Set if your allotment varies by season

c. Add your alloments

d. Repeat steps a-c for additional partners that you'd like to give allotments to

6. Review and customise your email and send your contracts

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