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How can I access other supplier rates?
How can I access other supplier rates?
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You can use TourConnect to manage all of your supplier rates in one place. You'll be able to receive rates in a complete, standardised format, that can even be automated into your booking system using our API or integration partners.

If you'd like to receive more rates from your suppliers in TourConnect, you can do so by sending them a Contract Request with the steps below. Additionally, you can find new suppliers to work with from our PartnerFinder.

  1. Click on Rates & Contracts > Contract List

  2. Click on "Send Contract Requests"

3. Complete the Contract Settings, click Continue

a. Add your Contracting Period
b. Add any notes to the contract (optional)
c. Add any Terms & Conditions (optional)
d. Add your Corporate Identifier (ABN, VAT, etc)

4. Add your suppliers. Select from your existing Connections, import contacts from your email, upload an Excel or CSV file or add them one by one (individually).

5. Review the details of your request, then click "Create Contracts"

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