You will be able to add all of your rates and policies in a rate template. You will only need to add this information once, and can issue this template to any of your partners.

From any rate template:

1. Click on any product  from the left hand side

2. Click on "Add rates" and complete step 1 (Rate Set Info) of the "Add Rate Set" wizard with the Set Info

3. In step 2 of the "Add Rate Set" wizard, select the Multi-Day rate template and add and review your rates

4. In Step 4 of the "Add Rate Set" wizard, select the name of your season from the drop down menu

5. Select the dates that apply to this season from the calendar, then click "ADD SEASON AND RATES"

TourConnect is also offering to load your rates for free. If you'd like to take us up on this offer, forward your rates and policies to All you'll need to do is review them once they're loaded and send them to your partners.

Any questions? Contact our support team on 02 9188 1607 or

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