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How to create a booking using the Booking Automation Tool

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Fill out the Booking Form

The Booking Automation Tool booking form works just like any other booking form. Simply input the key booking details and click export. The booking will be sent to your booking system (presuming the integration is setup).

  • Be sure to select the right partner. If you’ve previously associated a sender’s email to a particular partner, the system will default the partner for you. You can always change this to a different partner or indicate that it is a direct booking.

  • Once a product and data have been selected, the Booking Automation tool will return live inventory from your booking system.

NOTE: If you click on “Prefill from Email”, the Booking Automation Tool will extract data directly into the booking form. If the tool’s results weren’t perfect, simply make the adjustments there directly in the form, and you’re ready to submit the booking. The tool will learn from any adjustments you make over the course of time!

Export the Booking (if integrated to your booking system)

If TourConnect is integrated with your booking system, the Booking Automation Tool will be linked directly to your system’s live inventory. After you’ve filled out the booking form, simply click Book Now.

Email History

Once a booking has been successfully exported, the Email-Add in will show you a confirmation of the booking in the History section of the add in. The history is associated with that specific email. In the History, you can:

  • Open the full booking directly in your booking system by clicking the open icon.

  • Copy critical booking data from the booking by clicking the copy icon.

  • Cancel the booking directly from the Email Add-In. Simply click “Cancel”.

If you are using a shared inbox, every team member that logs into the inbox will see the history.

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