Prefill Data from an Email

How to prefill/extract data from an email into the booking form

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The Booking Automation Tool can extract booking details from any booking email format and prefill the Booking Form with that data. It is just a click of a button. Please keep in mind, the data extraction is young, so it is still learning.

Extracting Data (Prefill from Email)

To see how it works, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a booking email and open the TourConnect Email Add-In

    1. Gmail

    2. Outlook

  2. Log into your TourConnect account

  3. Click on the Booking Automation tab (the ticket icon)

  4. Click on “Prefill from Email”.

Using & Editing Prefilled Data

The Booking Automation Tool will extract data directly into a booking form. You will see a light bulb icon next to any fields that have prefilled data. In the event the prefilled data isn’t perfect, you can still make minor adjustments by:

  • Clicking the light bulb icon next to any field and selecting the correct option from other data extracted, or

  • Entering the correct information manually

The tool will learn from any adjustments you make over the course of time!

You can also do a few simple things now to improve the extraction and get the best results. Learn more in this help article: Getting Better Extraction Results.

NOTE: Currently, prefill/extraction only works from the body of an email. In the future, you will be able to extract from PDF’s, spreadsheets, and other documents.

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