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Send a message to the supplier regarding a rate sheet
Send a message to the supplier regarding a rate sheet
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As a buyer, you have the ability to send a message to your suppliers to request that they review the rates that have been converted into TourConnect's rate format.

Your suppliers do not need to have a TourConnect account to review any of the information that's been loaded, or even edit or add any missing information in a rate template.

To send a message to the supplier, follow these steps:

1. Click to open the workspace and click on SEND MESSAGE in the RATE SHEETS area.

2. Select who you want to send your messsage to

3. Include a message body, select if you want a signature, and include the contracts

Note: you must include the contracts for the supplier to review and edit them

Once the supplier reviews your contract and/or adds any missing information, they'll be able to submit the contract to you where you'll receive it in the workspace along with any messages they reply with.

Any questions? Contact our support team on 02 9188 1607 or

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