Requesting a Supplier Signature

Request that your suppliers review and sign a self-loaded contract

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You will be able submit a rate sheet (or multiple rate sheets) to a supplier that you have self-loaded rates (or have had rates converted for).

This option should be used if you require your suppliers to approve or review the rates before they're accepted or loaded by your team.

To submit a single rate sheet for supplier signature:

1. From the workspace, open a rate sheet

2. Click on Request Signatures from the top

3. Add a subject and optional message, then click SEND

To submit multiple rate sheets for supplier signatures:

1. From the workspace, click SEND MESSAGE

2. Select Supplier

3. Enter a message, select request a signature, and select all rate sheets that you want to request a signature for.

4. Click SEND

You will receive an email and in-app notification when your supplier has signed the contract(s). The contracts will also appear in your workspace and the Contract List once they've been signed.

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