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Submit your request to TourConnect's Data Conversion Team to have your rates converted into TourConnect's rate format.

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TourConnect can be used to manage your entire contracting process from sending a Contract Request to even automating the rates you receive into your booking system.

If you've received rates from your supplier and would like to have them converted to TourConnect's rate format, you can submit a request to our Data Conversion Team.


This feature is only available on the Enterprise Plans.

Requesting Data Conversion:

1. When sending a supplier a rate request, buyers will have an option to have their rates converted into TourConnect's rate format (with or without a supplier signature after they're converted). Simply assign the workspace to You can then add notes for our team.

2. If you've already received your supplier rates, you can upload them to the supplier's workspace and assign the workspace to You can then add notes for our team.

After the rates have been converted:

  1. You will receive a notification once the rates are converted and ready for your review. The rates will appear as a Rate Sheet in the workspace.

2. Once you have reviewed the rates, click Accept. NOTE: You can also send the rates to the supplier to review by clicking "Request Signatures."

Accepted contracts will appear in the workspace and in your Contract List.

If you have any questions, or would like assistance submitting a request to have your supplier rates converted, feel free to contact us on

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