TourConnect can be used to manage your entire contracting process from sending a Contract Request to even automating the rates you receive into your booking system.

If you've received rates from your supplier and would like to have them converted to TourConnect's rate format, you can submit a request to our Data Conversion Team.


This feature is only available on the Enterprise Plans.

TourConnect's data conversion wait times are approximately 4-8 weeks. If you need this contract urgently, we would recommend to cancel this request and manually convert these rates yourself.

1. Click on Rates & Contracts > Contract List

2. Click on "+ NEW CONTRACT" then "Request Rate Conversion"

2. Selecting the contract validity dates, upload your files/rates, select whether you require a supplier signature and click NEXT.

3. Select or Add your partner, then click Create.

Note: If multiple partners are selected, the files uploaded in the previous step will be added for each partner's rate conversion request. If your partners have different rate files, we would recommend to repeat this process for each individual partner.

You'll receive a confirmation message and your conversion request will be submitted to TourConnect.

4. You can check your conversion progress in the TC Rate Conversion (beta) system folder, and you will recieve an email once your rates have been converted.

If you have any questions, or would like assistance submitting a request to have your supplier rates converted, feel free to contact us on

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