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Send your suppliers a contract request

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TourConnect can be used to manage your entire contracting process from sending a Contract Request to even automating the rates you receive into your booking system.

Start by sending your suppliers a Contract Request to ask that they submit their rates to you in via TourConnect.
​To send a Contract Request (done using workspaces):

1. Click on "+ NEW WORKSPACE"

2. Enter basic details about the workspace (dates for rates, priority, etc.). Choose Yes to the question of "Do you want to send a rate request to the supplier(s)?". This will allow you to add a Subject and Message for the email that will be sent to the supplier(s).

Deadline - the deadline will be used for TourConnect's automated contract request reminders. We will send your suppliers a reminder email if they haven't submitted rates by your deadline. You can adjust your contract reminder settings from your Company Settings.


3. Add a Subject and Message to be used for the contract request email. Personalizing the greeting will automatically add the First Name in the Partner's Contact(s) that you are sending the request to, if it exists, to the email.

You can also create email templates so you don't have to right contract request emails from scratch every time.

4. Select or Add your partner, then click Create. Note: You can search for partners or use the filters. You can also add a new partner right from this page.

5. Click Create. The supplier will receive an email notification (using the subject and message you included) requesting their rates. If you've setup automated reminders, they will also receive email reminders until their workspace is listed as Complete. You can also access the workspace from the workspace list.

If you have any questions, or would like assistance sending your contract requests, feel free to contact us on

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