TourConnect can be used to manage your entire contracting process from sending a Contract Request to even automating the rates you receive into your booking system.

Start by sending your suppliers a Contract Request to ask that they submit their rates to you in via TourConnect.

To send a Contract Request:

1. Click on Rates & Contracts > Contract List

2. Click on "+ NEW CONTRACT" then "Send a Supplier Rate Request"

3. Add your Contract Request by selecting the contract validity dates, deadline, and select how you'd like to handle your rates once they're received, then click Add.

Deadline - the deadline will be used for TourConnect's automated contract request reminders. We will send your suppliers a reminder email if they haven't submitted rates by your deadline. You can adjust your contract reminder settings from your Company Settings.

Skip sending email - In the event that you've already received rates from a particular supplier, you can create the contract request without sending the supplier an email to allow you to manage their rates into TourConnect, otherwise we would recommend to use one of the other + NEW CONTRACT options.

Assign contract requests to a folder - You can assign these contract requests into a folder which will allow you to view them all together or track them from the Dashboard to view their statistics.

4. Click on Recipients to expand the section to add your partners. You can choose recipients from your existing Partner List, or click to +Add Partners (to add them individually) or Import a list of partners.

5. Click on Subject & Message to expand the section to add your message


If you have any questions, or would like assistance sending your contract requests, feel free to contact us on

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