Contracting Basics Webinar - Suppliers
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TourConnect's Contracting Basics is a simple training webinar for Suppliers.

This webinar will serve as an introduction to using TourConnect's Rates & Contracts Management Tool. We will demonstrate how you could be using TourConnect to manage all of your annually contracted rates for both Accommodation & Non-Accommodation Suppliers.
We will also discuss how to track each individual contract from the moment you've sent it, to it being delivered, opened, viewed, downloaded, accepted, and loaded into your partners' booking systems.

The webinar session should take approximately 1 hour overall, and they're usually held Thursday's from 2:00PM AEST.

To register click on the following link:
โ€‹TourConnect Contracting Webinar for Suppliers

If you're not available for one of the above webinars, you can watch TourConnect's Contracting Basics Supplier Webinar - Recorded on 17 July 2017 or contact us on

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