If you have multiple properties or locations you can group these together in a Template Group to send them to your partners all at once. Template Groups are similar to folders, and are only used to allow you to send multiple templates to your partners at once, similar to a bulk send.

Note: Before you will be able to create or send a Template Group with the steps below, you will need to have first created templates for your properties or locations.

To create a template group:

1. Click on Rates & Contacts > Rate Templates


3. Complete the required information and create you Template Group

a. Title your template group
b. Select the contracting period
c. Select the templates to include by clicking on "ADD TO GROUP"


To send a template group:

1. Click on Rates & Contracts > Send Contracts

2. Select your template group

a. Select "template group" when asked what type of template you'd like to send

b. Select your template group

3. Select your partners

4. Review your email and send your template group

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us on support@tourconnect.com.

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