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How to add aliases to improve your data extraction results in the Booking Automation Tool

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When the Prefill from Email data extraction does not extract the correct product, or unit, it is often because the email’s content calls your product, or unit, something slightly different.

  • For example, your product may be “Sydney Classic Tour”; however, the email may say “Morning City Classic Tour”. You know they mean the same thing, but the Booking Automation Tool does not.

Aliases are names that people refer to your products, or units, by that are not the exact product name.

  • From the example above, simply add “Morning City Classic Tour” as an Alias for the “Sydney Classic Tour” product. The system will remember then always know that when someone refers to the “Morning City Classic Tour” they mean the “Sydney Classic Tour”.

To add an Alias:

  1. Click on the Settings tab (the sprocket icon)

  2. Scroll down to Product Alias or Unit Alias

  3. Click Add (the plus icon)

  4. Pick the product, or unit, and enter the Alias for that product, or unit.

  5. Hit save.

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