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Associate an Email to a Partner

How to associate an email to a partner using the Booking Automation Tool

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When you receive an email from a booking partner, you can associate that sender’s email address with a Partner in TourConnect. Once you associate an email address with a Partner, the system will automatically associate all emails to that Partner, and default the booking form to that Partner.

You can always change the Partner that an email is associated with or remove the association entirely.

There are two ways to associate an email to a Partner:

In the Booking Form

  1. Click on the carot icon next the currently selected Partner in the “Partner/Affiliate/Reseller Information” section.

  2. Select a new partner.

  3. Click on “Yes” to remember the email as being from the Partner you selected.

In the Partner Details Area

  1. Open an email from the sender you want to associate with a particular Partner.

  2. Click on “No Matching Partner” in the top right corner of the Add-In.

  3. To associate the email with an existing Partner in TourConnect, simply search for the Partner you want to associate the email with.

  4. To associate the email with a new Partner that isn’t already in TourConnect, simply fill out the form below to create a new Partner.

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