Travel-ML Training Guide
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TourConnect's Travel-ML will read the contents of your emails and attachments to provide recommendations and allow you to automate closeouts/stopsells and special/tactical offers.

Travel-ML Training Guide

1. Setup your email add-in. Setup instructions can be provided by contacting

2. Login to your existing TourConnect account by entering your email and password, and click LOG IN.

3. Access your Partner Information, Closeouts/Opens, Special Offers, or Logout from the main menu.

4. Click on an email. Travel-ML will scan the contents of your email (and attachments) and use machine learning and natural language processing to display your details in the add-in.

5. To make any changes to the suggestions, either edit the details directly in the form, or click on the Edit icon from the Queue.

6. Click on + to add the change back into the Queue or click on the arrow to submit it to your system.

7. To send multiple items to your system from the Queue, click on the arrow.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team on

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