To send a message, rates/requests, or marketing materials just click to send from any of the applicable areas on TourConnect. 

You will get to a page that consists of three sections: (1) Recipients, (2) Subject & Message, and (3) Assets (optional).

1. Ensure that you've added your recipients. You can click to expand this section, and select from your existing partners, specific contacts, or add/import partners.

2. Enter a subject and a message. Note: by default, your message will be personalised to include your contact's first name if it has been provided. If you do not want to personalise your greeting, ensure that you've unticked the check box.

3. Add your assets (optional). Assets are attachments, rates, rate requests, or marketing materials. You can add multiple assets to one message.

4. Once you've completed the above sections, you'll see a blue check mark next to each section, and can then send yourself a test email or send your message by clicking on the buttons from the bottom of the page.

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