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Your messaging workspace is an easy way to manage communications with your partners. You can quickly send messages to a partner or a group of partners, and we'll track the messages to ensure it was delivered and viewed. The communications history is then stored as an audit trail, should it be needed in the future.

You will be able to view individual one-on-one messages by clicking on the partner name from the left hand side.

If you'd like to remove a partner from the left hand side, you can click on the More Actions button (3 vertical dots), then click Archive. We'll still keep the history of your messages and activity should you need them in the future.

For any messages that you've sent to a group of partners, you'll see them appear in the Bulk Message Center where you can review the message that was sent, and the status (processing, delivered, opened) of each of the messages. Once a partner replies to a bulk message, you'll see it appear with the other individual messages on the left hand side

Buyers can also have another channel titled "Unassigned," which will contain all of the messages that they've forwarded messages into their Message Workspace. Any of the message attachments can then optionally be linked to a contract. For more information on how you can manage your contracts with the Unassigned channel, see our Rate Management Guide for Buyers.

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