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What are the costs?
What are the costs?

Costs of using TourConnect, Pricing Plans, Subscription Fees

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TourConnect offers three different types of subscription plans for our users: Basic Plan, Connected Plan, and Unlimited Plan.

All users start with the Basic Plan, which allows you to have a free marketing listing in our network (PartnerFinder) and allows you to respond to any contract requests that you receive. You can connect with your existing partners, but you're not able to send any Connection Requests to companies in the PartnerFinder.

The Connected Plan allows you to have a priority marketing listing in our network, as well as the ability to send/receive up to 200 contracts. You can connect with existing and new partners from the PartnerFinder.

The Basic and Connected Plans will suit most of our users, however for the users who want to send/receive more than 200 contracts (or automate the contracts received into their booking systems), we also offer an Enterprise Plan. If you're interested in finding out more about this plan, please contact us on

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