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Welcome to TourConnect!

We’ve put together a few important tips below to help you get started with using the system, and we have a guide that can walk you through managing your account settings here. If you get stuck at any time, please let us know, and we'll help you in any way that we can.


  1. Complete your Marketing Profile 

  • Marketing Profiles showcase your company and products

  • View our guide or video for information on how to complete your profile

2. Add your Partners

  • Partner Management allows you to manage all of your partners in one place

  • Upload your partners to add them to TourConnect

  • View our guide for information about how to manage your Partners

3. Start using the Partner Finder

  • The PartnerFinder allows to you search for new and existing partners

  • Find ideal partners using our filters

  • Make your profile visible so new partners can find you

  • View our guide or video for information on how you can use the PartnerFinder

In addition to this, you can also add your product rates and send a contract to your partners in our Rates & Contracts section, so that they receive them in our standarized format.

We hope these hints will assist you in getting started, and thank you for joining us in building a vibrant tourism community on TourConnect!

Any questions? Contact our support team on 02 9188 1607 or

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