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To view a training video on how to manage your Connections, click here. To view a training video on how to use the PartnerFinder to find and be found, click here.

What is a Connection?

Connections are a way to manage all of your partners in one place. You can use connections to establish which partners you are working with, and who you'd like to work with, similar to an address book. You can also get up to date, downloadable, contact information from your Connections.

How do I add a Connection?

There are several ways that you can add a Connection:

1. For existing partners - by clicking on Partners, then Partner List (Connections) and through the INVITE icon or "Add Connection" button

2. For potential partners - by clicking on Sales & Marketing, then Partner Finder

(1) From the INVITE icon or "Add Connection" button:

  1. Click on the INVITE icon or Click on Connections then “Add Connections”

  2. Add your partners
    a. Individually by adding a company name, email address, first and last name
    b. By uploading an excel or CSV file
    c. By getting your contacts from your email

(2) From the Partner Finder menu:

  1. Click on Partner Finder from the Sales & Marketing menu

  2. Change the search criteria (if needed) from the left hand side

3. Click on CONNECT

Note: To add connections through the PartnerFinder, you will need to be on our Connected Plan. To find out more about our pricing plans, click here.

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