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How do I know that my rates, and your website, are secure?
How do I know that my rates, and your website, are secure?
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We take both your privacy and security very seriously at TourConnect. The information you enter into TourConnect is never sold or otherwise provided to 3rd parties. All information is used solely to transact authorised business on the TourConnect platform with your selected partners.
Your data is also safe and secure at all times. Your sessions with the TourConnect platform are protected with 256 bit encrypted SSL certificates. Your passwords and other sensitive data are also heavily encrypted using a one-way (validate only), SALT based encryption technique and are never visible to anyone, not even TourConnect personnel.
Your rates are only visible to the partners you choose to send rates to, as well as TourConnect staff for help and support purposes. Your interaction with TourConnect is just as you and your staff would interact with confidential information with your bank. We, like your bank, take every precaution to secure your data, and you have to simply manage your login information amongst your trusted staff.

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