TourConnect is now offering to load rates for any of your suppliers so that you can get more rates in TourConnect’s contract format. 

Suppliers can sign up for TourConnect’s Free Rate Loading Offer by clicking on the “View & Action” link from your rate request. 

The link will direct suppliers to the Asset Landing Page where they can view the Free Rate Loading Offer and any outstanding rate requests they have:

From there, suppliers will be required to have a TourConnect account and review the rates that have been loaded by TourConnect to ensure that the rates are accurate before they’re sent to you, as TourConnect does not take any responsibility for rate loading errors. 

1. Rates will be marked as received in a non-standard format in your Contract List and placed in a folder titled “Rate Conversion,” like so:

2. You still have access to the rates that have been provided by the supplier and you can download these rates or change the status at any time.

3. Once the rates have been converted, they’ll appear in TourConnect’s contract format and will be marked as v. 2, like so:

4. Should you want to check the status of the rate conversion, you can view the Contract Activities at any point, and we’ll provide status updates (added to queue, loading in progress, missing information, or pending supplier review).

If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to contact our support team on or view our Rate Management Guide.

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