You can use TourConnect to manage all of your supplier rates, regardless of the format that they're sent in. 

There are three ways in which you can receive supplier rates via TourConnect, and this article will discuss Method 3, where the supplier sends their rates directly to you or a colleague via email.

When you send your suppliers a Contract Request, it contains a unique ID which allows the replies to be associated to the supplier, however if the supplier sends their rates directly to you via email, you'll need to forward the email to your Messaging Workspace so that you can associate the email to the Contract Request.

1. Forward the email with your supplier rates to your Messaging Workspace by using your Forwarding Email Address

2. Click on the Messaging Workspace icon from the top menu

All of your forwarded emails will appear in Unassigned as they have yet to be associated to a partner, and the newest messages will be sorted to the top by the last activity or message date, and any messages that haven't been viewed are listed in bold. 

3. Click on Unassigned from the Partners list, then click on any message from the 2nd column

4. Select which attachments from the forwarded email that you'd like to add to the contract, then click "Add to Contract"

We don't automatically add your attachments to the contract as some attachments that may be included aren't actually rates, so instead we ask that you decide which attachments that you consider contracts.

5a. We will detect if your forwarded email contains any email addresses that match any of your outstanding Contract Requests, which you will be able to either select one of these options if they match the supplier

5b. In the event that we did not find any matches, or the matches were not suitable, you can "Search Existing Requests" if you have previously sent a Contract Request to this supplier

5c. If you haven't previously sent the supplier a Contract Request, or if you've searched for the supplier and couldn't find a match, you can click on "Add File To A New Contract"

You'll need to enter the Contracting Period (the last period you've used will be defaulted in this field), Company Name, and Email Address and click "Create New Contract".

All of the email addresses contained in the forwarded email will be listed. If you want to use one of these, you can click on "Use this address" so that you don't need to type it in the Email field.

6. The attachment will be added to a Contract Request that's marked as "Received" and you'll receive a confirmation that your file was successfully added

7. If you'd like to use the Messaging Workspace as a shared inbox, or task list, you can remove this Unassigned email from the list by clicking X on the confirmation page, by clicking on Done when hovering over the message

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us on

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