You can use TourConnect to manage all of your supplier rates, regardless of the format that they're sent in. 

There are three ways in which you can receive supplier rates via TourConnect, and this article will discuss Method 2, where the supplier responds to your Contract Request and attaches their rates.

When you receive contract request replies, they'll be sent to your TourConnect account and will contain a unique ID which will be associated to the supplier. These replies can be viewed and managed from the Messaging Workspace and I'll include the steps below to manage these rates.

1. Click on the Messaging Workspace icon from the top menu

All of your newest messages will be sorted to the top by the last activity or message date, and any messages that haven't been viewed are listed in bold. 

2. Click on any partner from the left hand side to view the message either from General Messages or All Activity.

3. To add the attachment and message to a contract, click on the Contract Activities icon

4. From the Contract Activities, you can select the attachments and click "Add to Contract"

We don't automatically add your attachments to the contract as some attachments that may be included aren't actually rates, so instead we ask that you decide which attachments that you consider contracts.

5. Once the attachment has been added to the contract, you can see that the status of this request has been updated to "Received"

6. After the attachment has been added to the contract, you can click back to access the Messaging Workspace again

7. If you'd like to use the Messaging Workspace as a shared inbox, or task list, you can remove this partner from the list by clicking on More Actions, then "Archive Connection" so that they no longer appear in your list

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