TourConnect can be used to manage your entire contracting process from sending a Contract Request to even automating the rates you receive into your booking system.

Start by sending your suppliers a Contract Request to ask that they send their rates to you in via TourConnect where you'll receive them in a standardised format.

To send a Contract Request:

1. Click on Rates & Contracts > Contract List


3. Complete your contracting period and tax id (and any notes or terms if you have them), then click CONTINUE

4. Add your suppliers with one of the available options. 

Note: If you're new to TourConnect, you can choose to UPLOAD A FILE with the list of all of your suppliers, or if you're already Connected with your suppliers, you can choose from your Connections. 

5. Once you've added your suppliers, review the summary then click CONTINUE

6. Review your Contract Request details and click SEND CONTRACT REQUESTS. 

Organize Suppliers and Requests - You will be able to organise your suppliers and contracts by assigning tags or putting them into a folder.  A tag carries over from year to year and stays with the supplier Connection, while a folder is only for that particular supplier contract/contract request.

Create request without notifying supplier - We will create the contract request on your end, but will not send an email to your suppliers. This option can be used if you've already received rates from a supplier, and want to add the file to your TourConnect account. 

Send yourself a copy of this email - We will allow you to receive the same email that is sent to your suppliers. Note that when selecting this option, you may receive multiple emails, depending on how many suppliers you've added in step 4.

If you have any questions, or would like assistance sending your contract requests, feel free to contact us on

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